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Student Testimonials

KKMII-Stratford’s student community is a rapidly growing #1 University with a network from 46 countries worldwide. This is why you would defiantly like to become a part of our student community

Student Support

KkMII-Stratford University invests in the resources that help you achieve your academic goals. Student Services Department gives an extensive variety of services to make the most of student satisfaction, personal, and academic success and students can link to our wide range of community services, which is not limited to, housing, health care, insurance plans and transportation. We provide all the resources and encouragement you need to stay on board.

Orientation Workshop

We conduct a three day orientation program and encourage all the new students to participate wherein you will learn about the innovative resources we offer to help succeed academically and adjust in the school.

Student Demographics

Students of KKMII come from different countries, areas and walks of life. Some of them are earning their first bachelor’s degree and are new to higher education.. Many students have an experience of working in the corporate and many of them are yet to start their career. With such a mix the population at KKMII becomes a perfect crowd of learning.

Teaching Methodology

The classes here are very interactive. Faculty members at KKMII focus on illustrating concepts with examples and give less weightage to lecturing. Classes are made lively with presentations, movies, group discussions, product demonstrations and personal anecdotes.

Small Class Size

Small class size allows the benefit to enjoy low student-faculty ratios, which encourages close collaboration and knowledge sharing between instructors and students. Instead of just being a face in the crowd, students will be close and personal in classes.

Project Based Curriculum

Group projects that are imbibed in each course allows students to show that they have mastered the course. Group Projects include what the ‘real world’ is like; whether doing basic science research in a lab, working on a political campaign, producing a computer program, or writing a novel – involves collaborating with others to produce a finished product.

Cultural Diversity

You will experience quite a diversity in the classroom. You will be exposed to learning & will develop an international network. Currently more than 60% of our existing students are from 46 countries. You will share with them a range of cultural knowledge, experience and skills which makes the class more enriching.

Diverse Study Groups

Working in teams is fun due to diverse teams with people having different points of view.

Using the internet

At KKMII all the assignments, grades, forums, jobs, course work, almost everything is done online.

Schedule of classes

We offer the convenience of flexible course schedules. The classes are offered day, evening, and weekends to accommodate your schedule. You are just one call away to talk to your academic counsellor who will guide you in making your schedule.

Graduation ceremonies

Graduation Ceremony is a day to celebrate all that you have achieved throughout your university career and you can look back to all the years you have spent in your university with us. It is indeed a proud day for you and your loved ones.

We make this day a special one for each graduate keen to make the day a special one. You will know how the day works to ensure that your graduation day is a happy memory for years to come.


Soon after enrolling yourself in a course, you become eligible to take internships. KkMII gives you opportunity and flexibility to afford your degree.

KKMII Placements-Your Return on Investment.

Meet graduates who made their education work for them – Your Alumni Your academic journey doesn’t have to be over.

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