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Scholarship Programs

UG Merit Scholarships

Programme- BSBA/BSIT

100 merit scholarships for BSBA/BSIT


  1. Award of Merit Scholarship starting term 3, 2015. Scholarship would be granted based on the grades obtained by Indian students in their 10+2 exams (CBSE / State boards)

Grade in 10+2 in CBSE/ State Boards Scholarship
91 %  and above 75%
81 % – 90 % 50%
50 % – 80 % 25%

Student scoring below 50% can be considered for the lowest slab of scholarship subject to the following.

  • Write an “Statement of Purpose” on how he would use the opportunity for the development of the society
  • Interview with the Campus Director/Campus Dean. They would have the final authority to decide if scholarship can be granted.
  1. In the subsequent terms, the scholarship would be based upon the academic.

excellence, a minimum GPA of 2.0 earned by the same student during the preceding terms. Additionally, if the student takes leaves for two consecutive academic terms or three terms in any academic year, the scholarship will be forfeited. In other words, the recipient must complete at least three terms each academic year

3.  The award amount will be offered to students enrolling in the calendar year 2015.Scholarships apply only to tuition and do not include books or fees.

4.  Students enrolled prior to Term 3, 2015 would not qualify for the scholarships

5.  The student who has been awarded merit scholarship by KKMII shall not be debarred from stipend announced by the institute in future. However, if the student is awarded any stipend, he/she shall communicate the same to the student services department.

6 . There will be no income limit of the parents/guardians of the students for the grant of merit scholarship.

7 .  Scholarships would be granted to Indian citizens only.


  1. The award of merit scholarship for UG programmes would be for the first 100 enrolling in the year 2015 only.
  2. If a student declines or cancels his admission, the scholarship amount will be passed on to the next deserving student as decided by the management.
  3. Management may on their sole discretion decide on the continuity of the same in the subsequent years and numbers of scholarships to be offered.


If a recipient of merit scholarship is found guilty of gross misconduct his/her case after due warning shall be reported by the institute to the department of student affairs for withdrawal of merit scholarship.

The final decision in this regard will be taken by the Campus Director/Dean


Addendum to Scholarship Policy 2015

1. With the devastation caused by natural calamity of earthquake MAII plans to extend our existing scholarship program to the students of Nepal.
This will be applicable for all registrations from Nepal in the next three months on first come first served basis to and be a part of the “100 KK Modi scholarships” program launched for the Indian students. This exception would be reviewed for renewal after 3 months based on the response.

2. This will be applicable for all undergraduate courses.

3. The student will give an application for request for grant of scholarship in order to avail the same.

All other conditions and parameters of the existing scholarship policy will be applicable.

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